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The Latest On Rudimentary Factors For Wordpress Admin Login

Follow These Steps to access WordPress Admin Login your WordPress Admin account:

1. First Enter the WordPress Admin Login address or URL in to the address bar of your browser. Each admin address is unique to each user and each WordPress account. All you've got to complete to get into your admin account is to include WP-LOGIN.PHP (or BLOG/WP-LOGIN.PHP) to the address of your WordPress website. Here are a few examples:

www.YOURWEBSITE.com/wp-login.php ;
www.YOURWEBSITE.com/blog/wp-login.php ;
2. Then on the empty text field under USERNAME, enter your Username or your User ID

3. Next on the empty text field under PASSWORD, enter your Password

4. Click or tick off the box next to REMEMBER ME so you do not have to login every time you visit the internet site

5. Finally, click the SIGN IN button to go to your admin account

Are you having problems logging in to your account?

If you're still having difficulty logging in, you are able to follow these steps to retrieve or reset your PASSWORD.

1. Under the text field of the Password, click the link that says LOST YOUR PASSWORD?

2. Then follow the instructions there and supply the needed information to retrieve or reset your Username. In this case, you will need to enter in your User ID or the e-mail address connected with you account.

3. Once you've entered in every the mandatory information, click on the button that says GET NEW PASSWORD and wait for your recovery details to be sent

4. Once you can login, you can also visit this link http://en.support.wordpress.com/passwords/ on how to change or reset your password

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